The Blkbox family presently includes (not completed)

Matt Campbell - Founder, Designer, Shaper and Dad to team members Taegan and Zoe. Oxford, MI.

Matt Lennert - Marketing Director, Brand Manager, Chef Extraordinaire and Dad to team member Tizzy and married to wife Kim. Oxford, MI.

Adrienne Shifflett - Business/Operations Manager, Office Mom, Married to Shifty (handyman, cooler carrier, and merchandise) North Branch, MI.

Bryan Sabo - Custom Board Builder. Bryan is a craftsman who has had his hands on just about every board made in the last three years. Bryan takes his job serious and brings custom boards to life. Lake Orion, MI. 

Rob Patton - One of the first and long time family members, team rider, product testing and well respected waterman.  Rob works as a High School Counselor. Rob is intimate with the east coast of Lake Michigan.  New Era, MI.

Mary Radtke - The first lady of Blkbox, Queen of the Lake and long time team rider.  Mary is an owner and instructor at Sup Edu. Holly, MI.

Ron St. John - Long time team rider and mentor.  Ron is a professor and teaches speech at the University of Hawaii, Maui College he is on the water enjoying life. Kihei, HI. 

Troy Camphous

Melissa Camphous

Jake Clement - First international team rider.  Jake is studying Athletic Training but can often be talked into helping Blkbox drive (the graveyard shift) to Oregon, California, Florida and North Carolina. Windsor, Ontario.

Zeke Shifflett - Rocky Mountain Rep, team rider. Zeke is studying business at the University of Denver.  He can be found paddling the many reservoirs, lake and rivers until the snow flies, then he is on skis.  Zeke started at Blkbox in the shop learning the craft.  Denver, CO. 

Karl Eugster - Team rider. Karl is Swiss born and farm raised, and one of 9 kids who grew up on a dairy farm in Denmark. As a kid having trampolines in his backyard, Karl found himself in the aviation field as a pilot and eventual moved to the US as a flight instructor.  In between piloting flights out of the Milwaukee area, Karl discovered SUP'ing and has been on a blkbox custom since 2013.  Karl is a hard man to beat and has visited the podium regularly.  His job takes him to great locations for rock climbing, hiking, mountain biking, skiing, snow boarding and hotel fitness centers.  Milwaukee, WI.  

Girard Middleton - Team rider, avid surfer.

Brian Smart - Team rider, Michigan born but found him self in the "upper left" of the US.  The Puget Sound is right out his backdoor so along with SUP, Brian can be found paddling a OC1 and OC6.  When not on the water he is mounting biking, trail running or working his "down dog".  Bellingham, WA.

Mia Raffaele - Team rider, and accomplished competitive gymnast.  At 14 Mia holds a spot on the Florida junior SUP team, when not on the water, she divides her time between the gym and hanging out with her friends. Tampa, FL.

Sonny Perry - Team rider and natural waterman, Sonny has been in the SUP community for 5 years or so, racing the last 3. Sonny enjoys getting new paddlers out on the water and building the SUP family.  When Sonny's not on the water he is still outdoors, and might be seen chasing a white ball around large grassy patches. Hialeah, FL.

Mark Dickenson - Team rider. Mark first got into SUP several years ago looking for a simple lightweight, fast and self operated water craft in which to paddle local rivers early in the morning to catch tailwater trout. Fishing by SUP allowed Mark to be on the river early and make it to work by 9 am.  Mark hopes to be the first fishing ambassador for Blkbox and often has his fly rod on board in local SUP races, "just in case if there's a hatch or hoppers on the banks."  Nicholasville, KY.

Stephanie Richey - Team rider and lover of all board sports. Stephanie has been snowboarding and skateboarding from inception and began SUPing in 2011.  She soon began competing in races around the Midwest with her father. Stephanie and her father hosted the Standup Paddle People Battle and she plans on continuing to host and spread stoke throughout the Midwest. Grayslake, IL.

Wendell G. Martin - Team rider.  Wendell is 57 years young and has been paddling something on the water for 45 of those years.  Loves single blade paddling, but has experience with the double bladed crafts. Wendell works hard, plays hard, and trains hard enough to keep up with his Hawaiian friends in Maui and Molokai.  Wendell's true love is his understanding lady Kiki. Wendell has three sons and three granddaughters. Chicago, IL.