Re-designed for 2015!  The WarChild is the next-level board for high-performance, shortboard style SUP surfers and Matt C’s personal daily driver. Conquers surf from knee-high to double overhead. Turns on a dime. Capable of going vertical on the smallest of waves. Gets into floaters and tail-slides with ease. This is a highly maneuverable board that will push your SUP surfing to a whole new level.


  • Performance nose for making critical sections
  • Continuous rocker fits into a variety of waves from knee-high to double-overhead
  • Definitive hip for about-face turns on the wave
  • Shorter length for lower swing-weight
  • 5-fin setup for versatility
  • Lightweight and extremely durable TekBox™ Bamboo Composite Sandwich construction

size / volume 

9'4 x 30 / 143 L / $1499.00