For the all around paddler, the beginner-surfer or the clydesdale-sized rider, the DiamondTail is the perfect solution.  Ample stability for a first time paddler. Smooth glide in flat water. Easy entry into waves, but still capable of sharp pivot turns when ridden off the tail. The DiamondTail is the plug-and-play all-arounder.


  • Low entry rocker for efficiency in flat water and easy wave catching
  • Unique bottom contour displaces chop, gets on plane early and keeps water flowing out the tail
  • The diamond tail adds stability over a pin tail with increased surface area
  • The diamond tail’s shorter rail line allows the board to turn quicker than a square tail
  • Lightweight and extremely durable TekBox™ Bamboo Composite Sandwich construction

Size / Volume

11' x 31 / 202 L / $1699.00