Inflatable SUPS

Whether for air travel, backwoods adventuring or simply the ease of throwing your board in the trunk of the car, inflatable SUPs open up a whole new world of access to the water.  Add to that the incredible comfort and durability of inflatables and you can see why everyone should have a blow up SUP in their board quiver. 

BlkBox inflatable SUPs are designed and built with the same eye toward shape, design and craftsmanship as our Custom and TekBox™ boards.  Our inflatable SUP shapes include many of the key features that make our fiberglass and carbon boards so successful.  State-of-the-art Korean drop-stich fabric allows the boards to hold high air pressure for maximum rigidity and our solid, double wall construction makes BlkBox inflatables bomber-tough.

12'6 Uno Air




11' x 32"

All Around/Surf/Yoga


10' x 33"

All Around/Surf/Yoga/Whitewater


9'6 x 32"

All Around/Performance Surf