Matt Campbell shaped the first QStick back in 2010 for friend and Petosky local Marcus Quintiliano (thus the name QStick). The shape was Matt’s first high-performance-shortboard-style SUP and became the predecessor to the now infamous WarChild.  A thumby  pintail helps the QStick fit into a wide variety of waves while the wings create release to increase speed.  With a more subtle hip than the WarChild, the QStick draws smooth lines and steers well from the middle of the board, but will still whip around when you step back to the tail. 

Key Features

  • Performance nose for making critical sections
  • Continuous rocker fits into a variety of waves from knee-high to double-overhead
  • Subtle hip for slashy performance from the tail and smooth carving from the rail
  • Shorter length for lower swing-weight
  • 5-fin setup for versatility
  • Resin-X technology optimizes flex and reduces vibration for smooth ride in choppy conditions


  • 9’4 x 30
  • 8’4 x 30
  • 7’11 x 30

*Standard QStick boards are built with fiberglass cloth & Resin-X. Custom constructions available including hybrid glass/carbon and full carbon.

Available with custom graphics!