Fast and nimble, the MegaDialer is the board to take your surfing to the next level.  The winged swallow tail and quad fin setup make the MegaDialer rocket-fast down the line, while the defined hip makes it a great pivoting board for quick changes of direction on the wave.  Ample volume up front so you can grab those cheater fives.  From ankle-high to overhead, get dialed on a MegaDialer.

Key Features

  • Low entry rocker for efficiency in flat water and easy wave catching
  • Unique bottom contour displaces chop, gets on plane early and keeps water flowing out the tail
  • A definitive hip area allows quick changes of direction on the wave
  • The winged swallow tail creates multiple release points for faster speed down the line
  • Quad fin setup generates speed down the line and allows riding in shallow waters
  • Resin-X technology optimizes flex and reduces vibration for smooth ride in choppy conditions


  • 10’ x 30 7/8
  • 11’ x 31