The Downwinder was designed to conquer any downwind condition from ankle biters to overhead swell. With the wide point set forward of the standing area, The Downwinder is stable in any conditions and catches bumps early.  The moderate nose rocker keeps the board from pearling on those critical drops, and the combination of outline and bottom contour allow the board to carve smooth lines once on plane.  The Downwinder is the board for riders addicted to the glide.

Key Features

  • Moderate nose rocker that keeps the board from pearling but doesn’t compromise planing ability
  • Unique and highly advanced bottom shape enhances stability, creates lift and catches bumps early
  • Available in pin tail or square tail
  • Flat deck allows ease of movement for quick transitions to the tail on fast drops
  • Full Carbon Construction for light weight
  • Resin-X technology optimizes flex and reduces vibration for increased speed in choppy conditions


  • 14′ x 27

Downwinder Options

Available in 3k Carbon, Hybrid 3k/Spreadtow Carbon, or Full Spreadtow Carbon construction (extremely limited production!)

Custom Graphics available!

* Expect longer production times and additional fees for custom artwork.