Custom SUPs

When you order a BlkBox Custom, you are embarking on a journey. We will listen to your stories, get to know you and find out where you want to go with the sport. Armed with this information, we can optimize your board with the ride, look and feel you dreamed of.  

Call or email us for a custom SUP consultation and price quote

The Uno

All Water Race/Tour/Fitness

The Sidewinder

Flat Water Race/Tour/Fitness

The DiamondTail

All-Around SUP Performance

The MegaDialer

Speed Machine Step-Up SUP

The WarChild

Maximum HP Surf SUP

Uno El Camino

Optimized for Elite Racers and Rough Water Afficionados

The Downwinder

For Riders Addicted to The Glide

The PinTail

Maneuver Oriented SUP

The QStick

Smooth Carving HP SUP