BlkBox Surf offers great deals on ZRE Paddles

The paddle-of-choice for our team riders, ZRE are the absolute highest performance paddle available at the lightest weight.

The ZRE original Stand-Up Power Surge blade design is curved at the bottom blade, and is slightly concave on the power face for a quick catch.

The rib design assures positive tracking through the water, eliminating flutter.

The ZRE Stand-Up Paddle is lightweight from 13 ounces (370 grams) to 14.5 ounces (440 grams).

The stiff, one piece carbon fiber shaft is tapered oval, providing strength, comfort, and positive tracking.

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Customize Your ZRE SUP Paddle

  • Blade widths from 7.5 inches to 8.5 inches wide (7 inch blade available special order)
  • Paddle lengths up to 94 inches long
  • Custom shaft angles available, from 0 to 15 degrees

Standard shaft angle of 12 degrees (custom angles available)

The carbon palm grip with finger recess completes this 100% carbon thunderbolt. Carbon fiber T grips are available.

This strong, lightweight Stand-Up paddle is warranted for one year against manufacturer’s defects. Proudly Made in the USA!

Paddle Length Sizing

To calculate your paddle length, multiply your height in inches X 1.12, then round to the nearest half-inch.  

Example: 6 feet = 72 inches x 1.12 = 80.64 inches.  Rounded to the nearest half-inch = 80.5 inch paddle length