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At BlkBox Surf we live and breathe surf, SUP and the craft of board building. If we’re not on the water, then we’re building boards, working on prototypes, messing with new fin outlines or experimenting with state-of-the-art layup materials. We love what we do and we are grateful every day to be able to connect with surfers and paddlers and build the boards of their dreams. 

When you order a BlkBox Custom, you are embarking on a journey. We will listen to your stories, get to know you and find out where you want to go with the sport. Armed with this information, we can optimize your board with the ride, look and feel you dreamed of.  Once your board is built, we’ll be there with coaching, tips and feedback to help you get the most out of your equipment and achieve your goals on the water. 

For those not ready to dive into the full custom experience, we offer our TekBox™ line of ultra-durable, bamboo composite sandwich boards in our most popular models. The TekBox™ line offers the magic of a BlkBox shape at a much lower price than our custom boards.

For the past decade, our small band of team riders have proven BlkBox boards in the toughest conditions in the world from fresh water waves on the Great Lakes to powerful reef breaks in Central America to SUP race courses across the country.  This core group is now growing into a global community of passionate water athletes, surfers and folks who just love to have fun on the water.  We surf and SUP as much as we can and constantly try to have the most fun building great boards and living the lifestyle we’re so passionate about. We hope you’ll join us!